The Benidorm Peamen | Holiday Scams

The Benidorm Peamen | Holiday Scams

Benidorm Peamen: Scammers is how we will start this off!

A week does not go by now where a question will be asked about these con artists, a lot of myth, a lot of truth and some questions even have myself scratching my head.

So most people know who they are, some don’t and there are those who have been taken in by these parasites so let’s break the Benidorm pea men down and hopefully raise awareness of them and get some of those questions answered.

Why Don’t the Police Do Anything About the Peamen in Benidorm?

To put it bluntly they do, I have seen them chase these pests around the indoor market, pull up in unmarked cars and spring on them, play the game and then slap the cuffs on them.

But you have to remember and I try to get this across, this is Spain, not the UK, not Germany, not anywhere else but Spain, they have their own laws.

Laws which are different to everyone else’s so when you think why don’t the police do anything in their power.

Most of the time their hands are tied with the draconian laws which they have to obey;

This will only change when they get more powers of arrest and punishment but this will not happen overnight, probably not in our lifetimes.

Everyone Else was Winning So I Thought I Could

No one else is winning, those winning and cheering all stood around the game are in on it.

Come on, think about it, you walk around Benidorm and the only groups you see on holiday are always around this game winning everyday?

Walk around the place and see how many of these winners are eating sausage, egg and chips in John & Joseph’s, singing a bit David Essex on the Karaoke in the Black Chicken or sitting in The New Life playing bingo?

I personally have friends from the local shops they set up outside who work hard (and play hard!) and even they are fed up with these people.

The Police Have to Be in on the Benidorm Shell Game?

I think Spain gets a raw deal with people thinking all the police are on the take.

In the UK alone over 5,000 police officers have been investigated for corruption/crime alone in the last 6 years (innocent till proven guilty) so it’s easy to think if our police are at it then every other police force must be.

Benidorm Peamen

Now I can’t say how many, who, and how often a Spanish copper will take a bung because I don’t know, all I can go off is from visiting Spain as a tourist and living here I have never seen a copper involved with these cretins and can only say good things about them in Benidorm.

This is just my personal experience from over 20 years travelling and living here but don’t get me wrong I have seen bad things in the press in other parts of Spain but Benidorm the police seem to tow the line.

Are the Bars Involved in This Holiday Scam in Anyway?

YES, now this will annoy a few people but it is true.

Now before anyone goes off on one this involves one bar, first off the owner has a few bars in Benidorm and I must stress he does not have a clue that his staff help the peamen out.

I won’t name the bar or name the staff, it is not my place, they know what they are doing and what they are involved in and I pity them.

The bar in question is used as a money drop, there is a member of the peamen that walks around Benidorm collecting the money.

And trust me it’s a lot and this is dropped off in a certain bar for safety and at the end of the day it all gets picked up, now how would I know this?

I used to frequent this bar located very close to the square and was astounded at the amount of money being passed over in rolls.

Now I'm talking about big rolls of cash so when I asked the person I knew working here they told me who it was and what it was from and that they got a cut at the end of the day.

This annoyed me as that money should be spent at the bar or other things a holidaymaker does after working all year round.

Keeping people like him in a job, not stolen from a hard working holidaymaker who would probably never come back to Benidorm.

This not only hurts Benidorm as a tourist destination, it gives it a bad name and the hardworking business owners and staff lose out which in the long term affects them as well.

So What’s Being Done About the Peamen in Benidorm?

Nothing, well I say nothing but mean nothing new.

The police will keep playing cat and mouse with these scumbags, the laws will not change for a very long time, someone will lose money, someone will steal money;

This is where it is up to us, not just those who holiday here, but live, work and put down roots here.

This will only stop when everyone walks past them, ignores them completely and does not play.

If no one plays the game they have no reason to stand on the street corners cheering at themselves.

What is The Peamen Game Then?

For those that are new to the game you will see a bunch of folk standing around cheering.

As you approach you will see some happy holiday maker win normally 50 Euros.

You stop and see what all the fuss is about and watch them play it again.

A pea gets put under 3 shells (other items get used like coconut shells and many other things to hide the pea under).

The man then moves them around and you have to pick the one with the pea under.

Simple right? Only after you win and it’s so easy you double down but this time through sleight of hand they hide the pea in their fingers.

You just lost 100 Euros, now the crowd who are in it egg you on, so what the hell, you're on holiday and it's just a game right?

Another 50 Euros lost, want to double down again or face the music that you have been had.

I feel for anyone who has been taken in by these people, as stated early, the best we can do is spread awareness and don’t engage with these people.

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