Cheap Benalmadena Holidays | Costa del Sol

Cheap Benalmadena Holidays | Costa del Sol

Cheap Benalmadena Holidays: In the southern part of Spain, lies a small town that captures the interests of millions of tourists from all over the globe.

The town of Benalmadena is a top holiday destination you just can’t miss, with the perfect blend of natural attractions, sunny weather and lavish traditional practices.

No matter how varied your interests may be, you will never run out of interesting places to see and fun activities to do in this magnificent town.

What is There to Do in Benalmadena

As we all know it, Benalmadena in particular is well known for its luxurious beaches, fine restaurants, beautiful Marina and bustling nightlife.

But there is more left to be explored for the traditional traveller.

In the northern part of the town you can find fantastic views of the sea and mountain ranges.

Hundreds of holidaymakers, especially those who are coming from the United Kingdom rent their own holiday villas here.

Also, the Pueblo area offers tourists a chance to visit the old village.

You will be able to find some antique structures and several pubs that still serve traditional food and beverage.

Places to Visit in Benalmadena

The southern tip of the town is where the coastal part is located, this is where all beach resorts in the region are located.

To make your Benalmadena holidays more worthwhile, it is a must to visit the world famous Benalmadena Marina.

Here you will find a bustling port community that includes commercial and residential developments.

A lot of the buildings here are influenced by a unique combination of Spanish, Moorish and a few varied modern styles that makes this a very interesting place to see indeed.

If you love beaches, this area also boasts 8 km of pristine, white-sandy beaches.

Cheap Benalmadena Holidays

Of course a holiday to Benalmadena will not be complete without having to actually attend a fiesta celebration.

This even usually resembles a special festival atmosphere where partying and dancing dominates the town streets.

There are also colourful parades with people wearing different costumes and masks.

Things can get wilder when it gets dark as there are parties all night usually.

You should not miss the delicious and sumptuous dishes being served by the townsfolk.

You will truly enjoy the warm hospitality and the fun and excitement brought by this wonderful celebration.

Benalmadena holidays bring you happiness and an escape to nature’s splendour.

Even for just a week, you will feel a different kind of adventure that is only unique to the town itself.

There is absolutely no reason to not have your holiday here this coming holiday season.

With a number of travel agencies offering affordable trips to Benalmadena, it is a holiday location that will never disappoint, with so much to keep everyone entertained.

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