Cheap Marbella Holidays | Costa del Sol

Cheap Marbella Holidays | Costa del Sol

Cheap Marbella Holidays: The brilliant Costa del Sol is one of the most popular seaside playgrounds in all of Europe - and for good reason.

Idyllic weather, phenomenal attractions and some of the best coastal scenery on the continent, let alone Spain, sets the entire area apart.

A reputation as a first-class resort destination, with good nightlife, restaurants and entertainment, and the promise of a blissful stay in the sun draws millions every year to the south of Spain.

No town on the Costa del Sol has benefited more from the area's transformation in the 20th century from a sleepy collection of villages to premier vacation spot than Marbella.

The ritzy resort town of 100,000 is the Costa del Sol destination of choice for a more affluent brand of tourist, preferably one who enjoys world class golf or fast cars.

Though not as trendy with the rich and famous as it once was, Marbella is still the place to wear designer shades and park your yacht.

Marbella History

Villa Romana de Rio Verde – One of the most significant sites where many treasures have been found.

Marbella Vaults – What remains of the Roman baths, used for bathing and socialising many years ago.

Cheap Marbella Holidays

Castle Walls – Part of a Moorish castle dating back to the 900s.

Basilica Vega del Mar – Key historical landmark was once a beautiful building that dates back to the 4th century.

Church of the Incarnation – This lovely church stands in the centre of Marbella, built in the early 1500s, and has been reconstructed over the years.

Marbella Art and Culture

Contemporary Engraving Museum – Features a fine collection of art.

Bonsai Museum – This unusual museum is home to a big collection of well-kept bonsai trees, landscaped areas and rock plantings.

Municipal Exposition Gallery – Features many rotating exhibits from Spanish and international artists.

Casa Grande – A new addition to Marbella’s galleries offering rotating exhibits and works by famous artists.

Museo Cortijo de Miraflores – Home to a collection of oil paintings from the 17th through 19th centuries.

Shopping in Marbella

Bally – A wonderful place in Marbella with wonderful bags, shoes, and accessories.

Berdaguer –Specialises in contemporary fashions for men.

Cheap Holidays to Marbella All Inclusive

Cortefiel – A wonderful upscale fashion outlet that offers unique styles for men and women.

Springfield – This local company specialises in fashions for men with great quality.

Zara – Offers great fashions and designs for all at affordable prices.

Outdoor Activities in Marbella

Sierra de las Nieves – Offers ecotours that includes outdoor training and fun for all.

Cabopino Artola – One of the many lovely Marbella beaches found along the 27km coastline in the area.

Lagoland Mountain Lake Centre – Great outdoor events and activities, including lake tours, canoeing and more.

Marbella Port – Day cruises that take you to Gibraltar and set anchor on a quiet beach for swimming and other water sports.

San Pedro – The place to go scuba diving off the coast.

Sport in Marbella

Marbella is home to over 40 spectacular courses for golfers.

The Hipodromo Mijas Costa offers horse races, bars, restaurants, music and entertainment.

Marbella is also home to the famous ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

The Ascari Race Resort features a hypermodern circuit that weaves its way through the local area.

Activities to Enjoy in Marbella

Summer Fair
San Bernabé Fiesta
Holy Week
International Movie Week

Weather in Marbella

With enviable weather and a mean annual temperature that hovers around 20°C, Marbella is wildly popular as a holiday destination.

Winter (December to February) 7-17°
Spring (March to May) 9-24°
Summer (June to September) 17-30°
Fall (October to November) 11-24°

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