Dove Park Benidorm Old Town | Parque de Elche

Dove Park Benidorm Old Town | Parque de Elche

Benidorm has many places of beauty, one of them is Dove Park Benidorm Old Town.

Also known as Parque de Elche Benidorm Old Town, it’s popular with the locals and Benidorm holidaymakers who flock to the resort.

Dove Park is located in the Old Town part of Benidorm and has amazing views over Poniente Beach.

A place of tranquil settings and of course, Dove’s.

As you wander through the windy alley like streets in the Old Town, away from the hustle and bustle of the New Town it’s nice just to find that quiet place.

Stretching across Poniente promenade, Dove Park Benidorm offers you that place of escape.

What is Dove Park Like in Benidorm?

With a fountain at one end, enriched with Dove’s sipping away at the water it really shows you a different part of Benidorm.

Refreshments are available from the street stalls and local bars, cafes and restaurants and if you are feeling brave, seeds for the Dove’s.

But be warned, they will flock around you and you will be covered in Dove's .

Benches and walkways litter the length of Dove Park Benidorm, giving you plenty of places to stop and enjoy the sea breeze from the Mediterranean Sea.

Those with children can have a few hours in the park with swings and slides to keep them occupied.

Toilets are located in the park but do charge a small fee for upkeep and cleaning.

Many events proceed to Dove Park, various fiestas throughout the year start and end here.

Dove Park Benidorm Old Town

Many pop up markets selling local and hand craft goods can be found in Dove Park.

It makes a nice change from an indoor market selling magnets and football shirts.

If you enjoy doing a spot of people watching then you will love Parque de Elche Benidorm Old Town.

A great place to see the sights and sounds of Benidorm and take in the surroundings.

Live music is commonplace at Dove Park, mainly by street performers ranging from Spanish Ballads to drum players with current songs and street dancers.

Keyboard players, violins and vocals telling a story give you that true authentic Spanish feel.

Perfect for families, romantic couples or just a place of quietness after a heavy night out on the town.

Throw in that it's free makes it that more appealing.

Parque de Elche Benidorm Old Town

Surrounding Dove Park in the Old Town Benidorm are many bars and restaurants.

Mostly Spanish but makes a nice change from the British bars we are so used to.

Poniente beach is directly in front of you.

An ideal place to cool down after a day catching the sun.

Parque de Elche is stunning in its own right.

Make sure you take a camera to grab some memories of this little piece of beauty.

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