The Best Things to Do in Alcudia

The Best Things to Do in Alcudia

Sights in Alcudia

A significant archaeological site, the Roman town, dating back  to 123BC when Pollentia was founded by Quinto Cecilio Metelo will undoubtedly cast a spell on you. 

Nowadays it is possible to determine the general shape of the town as well as  its street layout.

Then it was the Roman theatre’s turn following the founding of Pollentia, at the end of the first century AD.

Also another excavation dating from Roman times, is  Portella.

This was a residential area which appears to have been developed in the first century AD and a wall added around the third century. 

No archaeological site worth its name can do without its own museum, and so the Museo Monográfico de Pollentia was established in 1987 in what was an old hospital.

Away from the town you will find if you head north a number of chances for walks or for cycle trips into the mountainous area, to Coll Baix and to the Hermitage of La Victoria.

Beaches in Alcudia

Situated to the north of Alcudia you will find  the area of Marina, Barcares and Mal Pas with their wonderful beaches be prepared to find coves that are quieter than the port’s beach and discover its beauty.

And it is the water that is one of the main focuses of sport in Alcúdia.

The shallow waters make bathing extremely safe, making it a safe pleasure.  

Cala San Pedro at Mal Pas are of amazing beauty with their rocky background and sandy beach. 

Things to Do in Alcudia

Marina is much more exposed as it’s on the bay of Pollensa and is very popular with surfers.  

Also visit Bonaire, which is an excellent water sports spot that will definitely amaze you!

Alcudia Nightlife

A variety of bars and cafes open until late in the heart of Alcudia town.

Much more Mallorcan/Spanish than in the port, but there are some which are British-run such as La Sala, opposite the town hall.  

You will also find a variety of British bars up in Morer Vermell to the north.

Water Sports in Alcudia

There are uncountable opportunities for scuba diving, jet- and water-skiing, wind- and kite-surfing in Alcudia.  

Go down to the Puerto Deportivo Alcudiamar ,the nautical port, and check out Mallorca Yacht Charter & Training for both yachts and powerboats. 

You could also venture a bit further to Puerto Pollensa where Sail & Surf offer windsurfing and yachting and Tudor Dawn Charters have sailing and fun-day cruises  and promise to make you have the time of your life.

Cycling Around Alcudia

On dry land, cycling has become a hugely popular past-time and a major tourist element in its own right, especially in the quieter late winter and spring seasons. 

Be aware that the area in and around Puerto Alcúdia is good cycling terrain as hills are not too far away from the port itself along the coast road going east through Playa de Muro, Ca’n Picafort and further,  you may find that the road is generally flat

Shopping in Alcudia

The town of Alcúdia as well as the resorts of Puerto Alcúdia and Playa de Muro offer a rich shopping experience. 

The main shopping attractions are expected to be local crafts, jewellery, leather goods, gifts, cosmetics and well-priced alcohol and tobacco, that will amaze you.

You may also find certain stores that offer Mallorcan hand-made products.

Buy your gifts and souvenirs from the numerous shops in the area for you and your loved ones.  

Also in Alcúdia is the fascinating mineral-stones store Agata.

High fashion has come to Puerto Alcúdia in a pretty big way, typified by the international brand Adolfo Dominguez, which has a store in the port, and several other shops.

Eating Out & Dining in Alcudia

From fast-food to haute cuisine, Alcúdia, Puerto Alcúdia, have got a variety of food styles. 

Find international cuisine in abundance but don’t hesitate to eat Mallorquin and locally produced food, it will undoubtedly amaze you. 

For breakfast, go for the ensaimada, a flat spiral-shaped bun with a sugar topping, if you are into experiencing new tastes. 

For lunch and dinner choose the local specialities.

Be aware that there is a strong reliance on vegetables and pork, both of which feature in the soups, cabbage being a staple part. 

There is pork wrapped in cabbage, roast pork, suckling pig, sobrasada (pork sausage with paprika), frito mallorquin which is fried pork liver with potatoes, also available with lamb Mallorcan cooking makes use of produce that grows in abundance on the island, hence, for example, turkey breast with almond sauce. 

Rice is a popular ingredient, typified by arroz brut (basically rice with meat), and while paella can be had with rice, the local twist is to use noodles in fideua. 

Of course fish and seafood are widely available.

One dish to look out for (or avoid if you don’t care for the slippery thing) is espinagada (a spicy pie with vegetables and eel). 

Much rated is caldereta de langosta, a lobster dish, though not strictly native to the island.

In common with most of Spain, tapas are popular, and are a good way of trying different, often local dishes. 

As to desserts, go for turron, an almond nougat, pudding (yes really, pudding) - a kind of cream caramel, or the local cheesecake, greixonera de brossat.

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