Tickets for Benidorm Palace | Beni Palace Shows

Tickets for Benidorm Palace | Beni Palace Shows

Tickets for Benidorm Palace: One of the best shows and nights out in Benidorm is at the Palace Theatre.

A stunning building with an impressive interior to enjoy a great meal and a fantastic show.

Although the meal is optional it’s a great evening to have by all.

Shows at the Palace are high quality and fit for any stage worldwide.

With over 30 years of happy visitors there's a reason the show keeps going on.

Although twice weekly you can enjoy the Benidorm Palace shows you will also find a calendar full of shows from top artists and acts well worth checking out.

Benidorm Palace Tickets

The best way to secure tickets for both the show and meal at Benidorm Palace is directly at the venue.

This way you can secure seating options and get up to date information on show times and what is on the menu if you are booking a meal.

Head straight to Benidorm Palace and you will see the office next to the main doors which are open from 10.00am to 20.00pm Monday to Friday.

Prices may vary throughout the season.

Opening Times for Shows at Benidorm Palace

This year's show is called the ‘Terra Show’ and is performed on a Thursday and Saturday evening.

Dinner starts at 8pm with the main show beginning at around 21.30pm to 22.00pm and finale at midnight.

Opening times and days may vary throughout the season.

Location for the Benidorm Palace

Set in an easy to get to location in Benidorm the Palace can be found via walking, bus or taxi.

For those staying in the Rincon de Loix part of Benidorm it’s pretty easy to find the Benidorm Palace.

As you face Levante Beach just do a 180 turn and walk in the opposite direction for around 20-25 minutes.

On the left just after the caravan site you cannot miss the huge silver UFO looking theatre.

Tickets for Benidorm Palace

From the New Town if you don’t fancy the walk a taxi or bus is a good option to get to the Palace Theatre in Benidorm.

From the Benidorm Old Town it is quite a walk to the Palace and on a hot evening the last thing you want is to be hot and sweaty before settling down to a show and a meal.

Bus or taxi is recommended which are both inexpensive and you also have extra peace of mind you won't miss the start of the show.

If you fancy a few drinks beforehand there are lots of great bars to pop into along the way like the Corner Bar, Rock n Roll Bar and the Red Lion 2.

Avenida Doctor Severo 13
Rincon de Loix

Have you visited the Palace in Benidorm before?

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