What is the Food Like in Lanzarote?

What is the Food Like in Lanzarote?

What is the Food Like in Lanzarote? Indulge in the tastes of the Canaries while you get pleasure from your future holiday on the mystical island of Lanzarote.

Since the time Columbus started his epic voyage from the Canaries seeking a naval passage towards the far eastern regions (before actually discovering the Americas), the Islands had already been a gateway in between the new world and the old.

And because of this they mix together the traditional tastes of both Europe and Latin America, and not forgetting to mention a healthy serving of Africa tossed right into the melting pot at the same time.

Because these seven Spanish islands can be found near the North Western region of Morocco the blend of food is perfect.

This is often not surprisingly great news for food lovers, and on islands just like Lanzarote you’ll be simply spoiled for restaurants head over to and then sample the excellent menus.

A number of the finest of these quality restaurants are normally found within the more exclusive (and naturally costlier Lanzarote hotels, such as the Princesa Yaiza in Playa Blanca.

Then again there are also loads of other excellent bistros situated round the island.

Lanzarote features an extremely good selection of places to stay including some high quality Lanzarote villas to rent which.

You could easily book on the internet, and once the plane lands you can begin your own “foodie” tour of exploration from the moment you arrive.

What is the Food Like in Lanzarote

What Type of Food Should I Expect in Lanzarote?

Many first time visitors on Lanzarote rightly or wrongly expect fish dishes to reign supreme on the menu, because this is an island encircled by a bountiful ocean.

And it´s undoubtedly factual that Lanzarote once was the location of a substantial fishing fleet.

However the authentic more traditional favourites dominate, with equally rabbit and goat taking pride of place on traditional menus.

Holidaymaker’s will still be able to find plenty of fish eateries though, serving a large selection of locally caught seafood for example sama, cherne and surprisingly even dorada.

Traditional goats cheese also happens to be favoured and the Canaries are recognised because of the quality of their cheese products.

These excellent cheeses can be found in many different varieties, for instance fresco, could be described as extra fresh as well as creamy but lacking a bit of bite and taste.

Best Food to Eat in Lanzarote Spain

And additionally there´s Semi, which has been allowed to mature a little longer and is quite often rolled in paprika as well as other spices, so it produces a much fuller taste.

These tend to be served up as an initial course.

Certainly if you are going the whole hog and considering discovering this enchanting island then vehicle rental will be a must have to get out.

Lanzarote car hire pricing is ridiculously low compared to many holiday destinations, meaning that you will be able to check out the local villages to try out fresh harvested and also locally caught cuisine Lanzarote style.

Naturally, if you’ve got a car it may be almost rude not to go to the Timanfaya national park and experience a meal baked by the scorching heat of the earth emanating from a dormant volcano.

Lanzarote is known as a heady mix of heritage, excellent cuisine together with simply awe-inspiring vistas and visitor attractions that will inevitably give you a taste for even more.

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